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Al Peruzzi

Joel, Your experiences mirror mine at the same age -- but I was the only child and our trips usually involved the Jersey Shore -- Ocean Gate to be exact with side trips to Atlantic City with its "Steel Pier, Salt Water Taffy and the Diving Horse."

My one recollection that to this day still sticks was the number of chicken farms in New Jersey on the left and right side of Rt.9. All you waould see were these masses of white feathers and signs for dozen eggs, and capons--I had to ask my mom and dad what a capon was and I remember clamping my knees together as it was described to me.

Anyway--thanks for the trip down memory lane-- it was fun,


Thanks Al. I know so many of us have similar experiences that play a role in shaping our view of the world. This is not an exercise in nostalgia, since many of the same experiences are being had today by kids. The Burma Shave signs and chickens may not be there, but there are plenty of cows and interesting signs to see on the tourist trail.

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