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"Jo el- Take Gene with you..."
Aw Ma do I have too? I'm going with George to the Welmont.

Hey Wait up...don't ditch me- I'll tell Ma

Gene...who can't read yet..."what's that say what's that say?"
Loony Tunes stupid...What's that say?
Tweety's revenge..."
Commando Cody- this week... Evil Doers

What about Wiley Coyote's indominatable spirit and persistance in the face of TNT, falling off a cliff, crashing into a painted rock wall in chasing the Road runner...
Grannys beating Sylvester with her umbrella and his constant frustration of chasing the questionable goal of eating cute little Tweety?
Good clean cut cowboys code...Gene Autry and Hopalong and Roy and Dale- I'd think they may have helped keep you from becoming a felon.

But thanks for that wonderful tour through the Bronx and your analysis it was fun to read.


Uh, dude, these are my experiences. Wiley, Hopalong, Sylvester and Trigger were not part of my landscape. I did think the Shadow was cool. Being invisible was a kids dream. But that was radio days.

Jerry Friefeld

Joel- What great memories. I remember the Crest on Saturdays when for 12 cents we got to see a western, a serial and 20 or so cartoons. And of course the Earl provided great entertainment. I have to tellyou that the best movie of all time (in my humble opinion) was "The Third Man" and I saw it for the first time at the Earl.



Jerry, I saw that much later in life and didn't really understand it the first time. But I agree, it is a memorable film. Not one that shaped my mind, but who can forget that zither music and the war torn streets? Glad you liked the story. After all, you vas dere cholly.
Shane is another film that I saw at the Welmont in Montclair as a teenager. It was a new experience in westerns. Blackboard Jungle fed into the "hoody" character I liked to play when I was 14. DA harido, pompadour, turned up collar and cigarette behind the ear. Rock around the clock, Daddy-o.

Howard Millman

I grew up on Grant Ave & 167th street, east of the Concourse. We used to walk to Yankee Stadium to see baseball & football games. My uncle was a "soda jerk" at Addie Valens. We used to get free stuff and talk to the players after the games. We would go bowling at Stadium Lanes, they had pin spotters, it was 15 cents for a game and we would throw a dime down the lane for the kid spotting the pins. You could walk up to the Stadium and buy bleacher seat tickets for 50 cents to see the Giants play football. We would hang out at the "box seat" gates for afternoon Yankee games and ask the businessmen to take us in. My brother & I would go to Giants baseball games at the Polo Grounds. I remember you had to get on a two car "shuttle" train that would stop right at the Stadium. The whole world revolved around The Bronx !!! What a great place to grow up.


We often deked the guards and ran into Yankee Stadium in the middle innings to see the last of the game as fugitives. Double header-days we'd stay and watch the entire second game then wait outside the players gate and hand them self addressed postcards for autographs. I described this in my story "A less on Hero Worship." Once in a while, we'd walk across the bridge and go to the Polo Grounds to see the Giants play the Dodgers.

You were lucky to have an uncle working at Addie Valens. Wow. At eight or nine, we walked everywhere. The first time I took a streetcar was on the free ride we got of VJ day.

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